About Us

Jambo: ‘Hello’ in Swahili
Guide: ‘A person who advises or shows the way to others’


Trip Planning Made Easy. Why Reinvent the Wheel with Every Trip?

Traveling is a wonderful experience. But planning a trip can be overwhelming. Where to go? Where to stay? What to do? Where to eat? And which sites/blogs/friends/books/services/agents to go to for the endless research necessary to plan a terrific trip? What if you could browse successful trips others have taken, view their itineraries and borrow what works for you?

Want to go to New York City for a romantic fall weekend? Wondering where to take an adventurous summer family trip in South America? Ready for a once in a lifetime multi-generational trip to Africa? JamboGuides gets you going!


Share and Store Your Trips

Want to share your travels with other travelers, friends, or family? Want to keep a record of your best trips in one convenient place? Upload your trips to JamboGuides and, upon site approval, you and your trips become part of the JamboGuides community of shared experiences. We invite you to become a Jambo Guide.


Real itineraries to guide your next adventure. Jambo Guides Gets You Going.

Why JamboGuides?

Founder Chrissie Kremer saw the need for a shared itinerary site after planning numerous multi-family overseas summer adventures. For these annual trips, as well as for trips in between, she spent hours upon hours researching sites, blogs, articles, social media, travel books and more. Each decision, whether big (what countries are best to visit in August with active teenagers), small (where are the best places to spend the night on a roadtrip to Yellowstone) or offbeat (how to best visit the townships in South Africa or where to spend the night on a small Indonesian island that uses only donkeys for transportation) needed timely research. Chrissie felt she was reinventing the wheel given that many others had preceded her to these locations, and wished she could see what trips others had taken and share their experiences. She put her own itineraries online for easier access to friends who were requesting them but knew that JamboGuides needed to expand to include others’ travels as well as her own, allowing a broad community of travelers access to a variety of real trip itineraries to ease the pain of travel planning. JamboGuides is now the site she always dreamed of having access to herself.