Sailing in Grenada / West Indies

Sailing in Grenada / West Indies Claimed

1 week | March 2018 | 4 Couples & Captain | Sailing

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4 Couples Sailing For a Week - The owner of the boat was one of the passengers

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Sat Day 1: Arrive Grenada airport. Took the tender to wander around the old town section of St. Georges, visiting a chocolate museum/store, old church etc.  Dinner at Marina restaurant. Night in marina.

Sun Day 2: Travel to Rhonde Island . Snorkeling in nearby cove with tons of fish next to a palm lined beach, via the tender. Hang out on board, play card, dinner, drink Ting Tang Bangs (Ting Tang and Gin!) . Spend night in a cove by island.

Mon  Day 3: After a morning swim along the coast we traveled to Petite Saint Vincent. Heidi left midday to go home to a sick child and we went to resort for lunch at Goaties and a walk along the beach during a rainy day. Night in PSV.

Tues Day 4: Marian left via PSV. Sailed on to Union island to check in and wander city, kite saling area. Then went on to Tabago Kay. Group went snorkeling to see turtles Baradel.. Night in Tabago Keys – by Petite Bateau. Cards

Wed Day 5:   Took little boat over to Tabac island in morning (Pirates of Carribean spot) and snorkeled and walked around island. Lunch back on boat. Afternoon turtle snorkel and swim to Petite Bateau, cross island and swim to boat. Dinner on Petite Bateau BBQ.   Cards.

Thurs Day 6; Kris took water taxi to Union to get charter back to St. Georges. We had ‘incident’ where the dingey line was cut and caught in prop and Craig went in water to fix it and was away from boat and couldn’t get back. We circled a few times and eventually picked him up , as another boat was headed our way. All good. Pulled into Carriacou Island and Tyrrel Bay was anchor. John and Jill paddleboarded in mangrove preserve , dave and I tried to snorkel but no luck. Afternoon walk on the island – john and dave over saddle to view Sandy Island followed by Margharita in the Slipway bar and Jill and I had ice cream and smootie in Lazy Turtle beach bar. TingTangs, dinner on boat and cards.

Fri Day 7:Early morning snorkeling on Sandy Island. Beautiful.  Put up sails after we let the bay and headed to Grenada.  Sunset visit to shore where we had cocktails at the Radisson before last night in paradise on the boat. Spent night in the Marina. 



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