Mom/Adult Son Winter Switzerland Trip

Mom/Adult Son Winter Switzerland Trip Claimed

1 week | March 2023 | Mom and 20+ year old son | Ski / Exploration Trip

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Mom/son trip to Switzerland to ski and explore.

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Active itinerary and many of the activities were at high altitudes. We moved around a lot in the short time we were there. Purchased a Swiss train pass unlimited SBB. 8 days- it was very convenient and allowed us to use the trains as often as needed without restrictions. We bought 2nd class but if you go during peak travel times, I heard the 1st class is necessary to get seats. Great time to visit, not a lot of tourists – no crowds anywhere, temperatures were mild in 60s and wildflowers were out and beautiful. We made no advanced reservations for any of our activities but if you travel during the summer you may need to arrange things earlier.

Highly recommend the Victoria-Jungfrau hotel. Stately, beautiful, service was remarkable. Restaurants were delicious and spa was fabulously restorative after active days.


Day 1: 18th: Arrive in Zurich (1N), Central Plaza Hotel

·       train from airport to Zürich HB: Hauptbahnhof, walk to hotel (.2)

·       walk through old town (aka Altstadt) along river

·       Shopping in old town and downtown, Walk to Lake

Day 2: 19th: Depart mid morn via train to Interlaken (2.5hrs), Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel & Spa

·       Scenic route is thru Lucerne

·       Check into hotel (3N), hike in afternoon, eBikes to explore lake, Oberhofen Castle, hike in hills

·       Great Indian food in Interlaken

Day 3: 20th: Hike Harder Klum (3-4hrs RT); take water and snacks

Day 4: 21st: Train to Jungfraujoch; train to top, hike on Glacier (RT 6hr trip), spa late afternoon

Day 5: 22nd: check out of hotel in Interlaken, Hotel Bellerive

·       train to Zermatt

·       pickup ski equip; Slalom sports, 3 doors from hotel

·       Ski in 1/2day Zermatt

·       check into hotel (2 nights)

Day 6: 23rd: Ski all day, & return ski rentals at end of day

·       Matterhorn- ski into Italy, Lunch in Italy

Day 7: 24th: check out of hotel, Lucerne- check into hotel Hotel des Balances

·       7pm dinner in hotel, 

·       Take Lake Lucerne boat trip; catch SGV boats near the performing arts center on pier- buy tickets at pier or through concierge

Day 8: 25th: Lucerne. Check out of hotel and train back to Zurich to fly home



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