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1 week | July 2013 | Multi-generational | River Cruise

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This was a multi generational trip where our family was traveling with my inlaws. We had done a large cruise to Alaska before but never a smaller boat cruise on a river. We loved it - the small boat let you get to know people on board (staff and travelers), it was easy to find one another vs a large ship which is like a floating city in which you can get lost!), there were bikes on board to make it easy to explore cities on our own (and one day we biked while the boat cruised so we could see the countryside) and it let our family explore actively while the grandparents could pick and choose what they felt like doing with everyone being happy when we met up for dinner each evening. The cruise was a great way to have a multi-generational trip and to cover a lot of cities in a beautiful part of Europe in a very easy way. We arrived a day early to explore Budapest before joining the boat, and at the end flew to Turkey to meet up with friends for a boat trip and visit to Istanbul (separate trip listing). It was a great combo for a two week trip. A river cruise along the Danube is a great multi-generational trip as people can be as active as they want to and do their own thing but meet up for meals. Unpack once, see a lot of cities, get to know people on the boat and it's great for all ages.

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Day 1:Budapest

We arrived in Budapest a day before the cruise left. We had a wonderful day having ice cream at the amazing Ersebet ice cream store that makes beautiful flowers out of their ice cream, exploring the main church area and the castle on the hill.

Day 2:

We visited Turkish Bath, explored the city center, rode bikes to the island in the river.We then joined the Uniworld cruise and my husband’s parents to travel the Danube. It was a small, intimate boat where we got to know the people who worked on it and other passengers. There were bikes on board so that we could explore cities via bike instead of the group bus tours if we so chose. The cruise was a great way to have a multi-generational trip and to cover a lot of cities in a beautiful part of Europe in a very easy way.

Day 3:Upriver through series of locks.Cruising the Danube River, BratislavaFEATURED EXCURSION: Bratislava walking tour docked in Vienna

Day 4:ViennaThe boat has bikes on it and our family chose to skip the bus tour and tour ourselves through Vienna on bikes – beautiful day!

Day 5:Dürnstein, cruising the Wachau Valley, MelkRode bikes through Wachau Valley to Melk.Explore MelkFEATURED EXCURSIONS: Choice of Dürnstein “Village Day” with either exclusive wine tasting at Nikolaihof wine estate or exclusive saffron workshop or exclusive guided “Go Active” Wachau Valley bicycle ride and Melk Abbey with library visit

Day 6:SalzburgFull day Salzburg explorationOne of the Van Trapp children sang for us in a chapel, we had a walking tour of the city, wandered on our own and had a great day.

Day 7:PassauWent to a Passau (Located at the confluence of three rivers—the Danube, Inn, and Ilz) on a walking tour with St. Stephan’s organ concertBike ride and swam in riverDay 8:Said goodbye to the boat and headed to Turkey to meet friends on a different type of boat in Bodrum!



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