Zion is unbelievably gorgeous and can be visited in a couple day trip. There are tons of other beautiful parks close to it, but if time is limited it is totally possible to have a couple day visit to Zion and feel like you’ve visited one of the most stunning places our country has to offer. 

We chose to do a road trip, as we were picking up a puppy nearby Zion at the end of the trip (the original motivator for the Zion visit), but you can also fly into Las Vegas and drive from there. We stayed in Springdale so we could have easy access to the park. Basically Springdale is maybe a mile long with all the hotels and restaurants on the one main road and a the end of the road is the big visitors center and the entry into the park. There is a shuttle bus that takes you along the main drag of Springdale (but all is walkable as well). There is a separate shuttle bus that leaves from the big visitor center that takes you into the park, unless you are on an ebike or you are staying at a hotel in the park (that allows you to drive yourself in to access the hotel).  If you have a national parks pass be sure to bring it for entry into the park.

Things to do ahead of visit:

Our weekend visit included the following:



Breakfast at good local cafe Oscars Cafe  (tied in out with B&B as our breakfast provider). Good coffee shop across the street as well – Deep Creek Coffee.

8am: Picked up some picnic items

8:10am: Pickup up eBikes at Zion Guru and rented water shoes for the Narrows walk

8:30am: Rode into the park via the entry in the visitors center. AMAZING RIDE and a highlight of the trip. 

Locked up the bikes, walked the half mile or so to the start of the Narrows and then spent the next few hours walking up the most beautiful canyon river – the walk is part in the river and part on the shoreline. You can turn around any time you want but most go the the Y (called Wall Street) about 3 miles in, and some further on than that. We had a picnic at the Y, explored a bit further up  and then headed back to the start. The entire trip was about 4 hours. It takes a while because each step in the river needs to be ‘tested’ a bit to ensure your footing is secure, so it’s not at all as fast as a regular hike. Just remember to look UP at your amazing surroundings! 

1:30ish: Leisurely ride back down into town. Stopped at the Feel Love cafe for a smoothie and froyo – beautiful place to enjoy the view of the mountains all around you and to rest your legs after a bike hike.

We opted not to do a second hike that day. Turned bikes back in. Took a drive up through the tunnel toward the East Gate entrance of the park (cars can enter from two sides) to see the amazing views from that end. Had a massage at Deep Canyon Spa (wonderful!), wandered the shops a bit

Dinner at Spotted Dog Cafe



Left early to pick up our new puppy! 

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