Africa, the trip of a lifetime! It was booked through Great Safaris, who we highly recommend.

To break up our trip, we first landed in Amsterdam and explored the city for three days.We loved all the canals, the food and the people. From there, we flew to Capetown, South Africa.

We toured several wineries, visited a university, and saw the Cape of Good Hope, but the highlight of our visit was visiting a penguin colony.

After three fun filled days we flew to Kruger National Park and stayed at Kapama Southern Camp. It was an amazing experience, we had a personal guide who stayed with us for three days. During our visit we saw the Big Five as well as many other animals. We watched as lions brushed our trackers legs as they went to the watering hole. We saw a leopard eating it’s prey.To say it was awesome is an understatement.

From there we flew to Victoria Falls. The falls are spectacular and it was a nice way to break up the trip and see something different.

But the highlight of our trip was taking a prop plane to Zambia. We landed In What seemed like the middle of nowhere and we were promptly whisked off to our luxury tent cabins on the banks of the Chong We and Zambezi Rivers. We canoed down the rivers, spotting hippos and crocs as well as elephants, warthogs and many other animals.Truly. The trip of a lifetime!!!

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