Who: Woman 50+ traveling solo

When: April, 2024

Duration: Weekend Visit

Hotel: Rott Hotel, located in the heart of the Old City. Breakfast included.

What a beautiful city! Even though it was cold, and somewhat rainy, during the visit, I was still able to wander everywhere and see much of the city in a quick 2-day visit.

Day 1, Friday:

Arrive via train from Berlin. Walk to hotel from train station (although a suitcase ‘rolling’ on the cobblestone streets can be tricky!). The hotel is located right in the heart of the Old City, around the corner from the famous Clock Tower and with walking distance of everything. Great location!


Marina Restaurant (with friends). Located on the water with amazing views of the castle and Charles Bridge – a great view for the first night in Prague.

Day 2, Saturday:

10:30-1:30: Leaving from Wenselaucse Square, took a three-hour walking tour of the Old Town and Jewish Quarter. Opted for the ‘free tour’ via Civitatis (me and all the kids from the hostels!) where you pay what you wish after the tour, and had a great guide. She gave Prague history as we went along and pointed out all the primary attractions/buildings etc. Stopped at an amazing bakery Elvira for pastry and coffee/chai along the way as well.

Late Lunch at Parlement (restaurance u parlamentu)- Czech food, good beer and a fun, casual atmosphere. At peak lunch time there is a line, but I wasn’t there until about 2 so only had about 15 minute wait. Had to get a beer and some traditional food! 

Wandered across the Charles Bridge and explored the area for the afternoon.


Concert of Vivaldi’s The Four Season at a church near old town. 1-hour performance that was excellent! Everyone said to be sure to go to a music event while there as music is everywhere…and they were right. This was perfect as it was music I loved, it was only an hour and it was in a stunning church. Check, check and check! I booked it the day before by doing a search of current music in Prague. If I had another night would have tried some jazz as well.

Small dinner and beer at a wonderful small restaurant I can’t recall name of! 

Day 3, Sunday


Castle tour. Walk to the castle and pick up ‘skip the line’ ticket via ‘Get Your Guide’ booked ahead of time. Given it was Sunday the church not open until noon.  The castle is large, and it takes some time to go through the main castle, the chapel, the small street where the workers used to live/work, and the main church. As it got more crowded later in the day, it’s good to go early! 

I wanted to go to other areas of the palace but got a bit lost and suddenly was further down from the castle and missed them! 


Delicious vegan lunch (Best of the trip!) near the Mandarin Oriental Hotel at Dosa Dosa Bistro – still dreaming of the vegetarian curry! Affordable, chill atmosphere and DELICIOUS.

Walked up to the Petrin Lookout Tower, the ‘Eiffel Tower’ of Prague, the 

Castle side of the bridge (quick walk from Dosa Dosa). There is a broad city view from the top. You can walk down or take a tram down. 

Last wander/exploration of town! 


Czech dinner at the Lokal – perfect last meal in Prague as it’s a causal but nice ‘beer hall restaurant’ with good czech food and beer.. A bit of a wait but worth it. Finally broke down and had ‘fried cheese’ for dinner…and have to say that it was delicious!

Day 4, Monday 

Early am taxi to the airport!

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