We spent about a week in Italy, split between Rome and Florence. We then took a ferry from Italy over to Split, Croatia to start the Croatia part of the trip. 

Rome: We walked everywhere. Had two tours via CONTEXT travel which has incredible guides – one was a city tour and one for the Vatican. Not cheap, but they are so knowledgable and personable. Did the tourist stops – Vatican, Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, lots of Gelato, Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona (see opera here if it’s on!), and Pantheon. Walked everywhere.


Florence: Went to the Marcato Nuovo to buy belts, Piazza dell Repubblica, Palazzo Pitti, 

Piazzale Michelangelo, Basilica di SanLorenzo, Uffizi Gallery, Ponte Vecchio, Santa Maria del Fiore. Ate lots of gelato. And we did a fun tour where we drive a little Fiat 500 (tiny!) up to a winery above Florence – highly recommend. 


This is one of our favorite trips taken! On the water…swimming…great friends…great food…great weather….great sites… = great trip!  A great way to travel with a group of friends.

Following our week in Italywe took a ferry from Italy to Split which worked out great, and then flew out of Dubrovnik at the end.

Our boat, the Gideon, went from Split to Dubrovnik, stopping at towns along the way. We had a rough idea ahead oftime where we were going but were flexible based on the captains recommendations, weather etc. We booked the boat directly with the captain, but there are companies that work with a variety of captains/boats to find the right one for you. We ate most of our meals on board as the food was so good! But we did have some meals in the little towns we visited as well. Lots of time swimming and relaxing. Perfect water and air temperature.

Day 1: Split. Arrive in Split via ferry from Italy (Snav ferry that was booked online ahead of time). Checked into hotel and met up with other two families for dinner and night in Split. Hotel was right in town and great location. 

Hotel: B&B Kastel 1700 <>

Day 2: Explored the town, waterfront etc. In the afternoon boarded the boat! 

Days 3-8: Went to a variety of spots en route to Dubrovnik. What a awesome, wonderful trip!  The places we stopped at included:

Brac, Jesla, Hvar, Korcula Island, Sipan, Mljet, Dubrovnik

BRAC : Hung out on the beach here a bit and wandered the town. 

JESLA: Quaint town where we celebrated with a birthday dinner

Hvar Port, Hvar Island: Spent and afternoon climbing up to the top of the town, exploring the city , having ice cream etc. 

KORCULA ISLAND: Supposedly the home of Marco Polo, and a nice town to visit with lots of shops and restaurants etc. 

SIPAN: We had a nice dinner here, and oogled all the beautiful yachts docked here. 

Mljet: We went to a few places on the island. First to an old church where we also swam and then to another area where you can float down a canal which everyone loved.


Explored the old town, had a drink at the awesome bar on the cliffs (not to miss!) where people are diving into the water far below.  Can easily spend a day or two here, but we had only one day before we left. The other two families we were traveling with stayed the night in the old town (vs the larger hotels outside of the old town) which was great as after the tourists leave the old town it’s quiet and charming (vs busy and crowded with the tourists during the day). 

And then we headed for a few days in London before heading home! Awesome trip….the kids consider it the best or second best of all our trips. John considers it his favorite.We left, while the other two families stayed the night in Old Town Dubrovnik and left the the following day

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